Z B 22 timer siden
The end where Boris yells "cousin!!" is so wholesome ahhhhhhh
Ангела Анатолвена R.
Ангела Анатолвена R. 22 timer siden
Давай 🔱
Darkion Exar
Darkion Exar 22 timer siden
I follow this recipe step by step. We might need to get back on quarantine again my comrades
Survivory Tube
Survivory Tube 22 timer siden
This landed in my recommended after six months of no notifications (despite being subscribed and having the bell, etc). Glad I was greeted by this
Taylan Savaşan
Taylan Savaşan 22 timer siden
Kardeş sen Türk olmadığına eminmisin 😂
Mr Irrelevant
Mr Irrelevant 22 timer siden
Where do I get one? I'm turning 14 next year.
Oskar Sztompka
Oskar Sztompka 22 timer siden
When He said "Unless they come with abstract sugar tax" I felt that... (Poland sugar tax went up high)
Darkion Exar
Darkion Exar 22 timer siden
If Boris is not ripping apart all eays of food gastronomy with Mayonez. You can be sure, that person is not Boris
Cabaña La Querencia
Cabaña La Querencia 22 timer siden
heeey macarena jajajaja
gamer alien
gamer alien 22 timer siden
Nice haircut
Ed F
Ed F 22 timer siden
This video is heartwarming... and tasty!
Javier Fdz
Javier Fdz 22 timer siden
Now this is a crossover I was not expecting to see in this channel. I was not sure whether the first recipe were frixuelos or not, until he cranked out the anis bottle.
The Decaffect
The Decaffect 22 timer siden
How do you play WT first and then play WoT after without having aneurysm?
Bruce Sobalvarro
Bruce Sobalvarro 23 timer siden
Lester Crest
Lester Crest 23 timer siden
I'll be worst than Vadim I'll come eat your cheese before you could even blink
Kornelia Klembarova
Kornelia Klembarova 23 timer siden
Aj v tejto podobe sláva Slovanom 💪 ❤️🇸🇰😁😂
Octo Birb
Octo Birb 23 timer siden
3:47 boris voice sounds funny 3:59 highest concentration of static cuts in less than a minute
Bob McGuffin
Bob McGuffin 23 timer siden
If only people were as direct in real life as that commenter
The random weird channel
The random weird channel 23 timer siden
Your Russian by your accent I think right ?
Driel55 23 timer siden
Hey Boris, I made this recently because my Babushka was coming over for my birthday, she loved it! Thank you very much comrade! Squat on!
ThatShadowDude _
ThatShadowDude _ 23 timer siden
Pov: 5:25 boris's fans be like
Armin Lee
Armin Lee 23 timer siden
Was not expecting this 🔥! Slaaaaaaaav king.
Xanrd Bah
Xanrd Bah 23 timer siden
Однозначно лайк, я тоже дом вспоминал когда вам салютовал "по первой" под ушичку.
Sandra Moore
Sandra Moore 23 timer siden
please tell me this is a joke
Sandra Moore
Sandra Moore 23 timer siden
All my Americans watching (including me): PAIN
Tommy Urban
Tommy Urban Dag siden
We are serious. Cook with a kalishnikov
Darkion Exar
Darkion Exar Dag siden
Boris mixing up every drink he has on hand Spain News: A Russian Guy just found out the cure for cancer.
Agostinangelo Piredda
Agostinangelo Piredda Dag siden
Tank you Boris🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺
Darkion Exar
Darkion Exar Dag siden
"How bad can it be? Its Vodka" One friend of mine says that. God knows we miss that men
Neko Kawaii Desu ne Soy hombre :v
Neko Kawaii Desu ne Soy hombre :v Dag siden
Miloš Đošić
Miloš Đošić Dag siden
So many secs jokes were erected that day
Bunko Mokus
Bunko Mokus Dag siden
I think i seen ur car😁 cuz i live in hungary
Владос Рыбак
Владос Рыбак Dag siden
А нуу,чики брики и в дамки!
Bulwark Entertainment
Bulwark Entertainment Dag siden
Altair Official
Altair Official Dag siden
I am from turkey and i can confirm that baklava isn't turkish. Even ottomans were not turkish, so stop fucking arguing you dumbasses. The name baklava doesn't even mean anything in turkish, so it's %100 percent from somewhere else but yea there are many variantions of baklava all around this side of the world i mean from balkans to asia and to the middle east.
darkydrone Dag siden
well... that was disgusting.
Mikey's Rants
Mikey's Rants Dag siden
Boris needs to bitch at NOpost. I’m barely getting notified and I come check the channel AND ITS A GOLDMINE OF NEW VIDEOS. BORIS PLEASE NEVER STOP
Paradox Dag siden
Since when Spain in the cuisine capital of the world? Heard France but never Spain.
Susie H
Susie H Dag siden
Who was laughing their ass off during th whole vid?
Sweet Wafer
Sweet Wafer Dag siden
Я не успеваю перестраиваться между языками в голове))
Alexander Mail
Alexander Mail Dag siden
i didnt know that cats can dance hardbass
Kevin Doherty
Kevin Doherty Dag siden
In South Africa wouldn't they be 'Zef Sides?'
Rowan Antony Pajuluoma
Rowan Antony Pajuluoma Dag siden
At the top of a long list.